2015 Schedule

Apr 8 - Apr 11 :
MQX - Manchester, NH

May 7 - May 9 :
HMQS - Salt Lake City, UT
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May 11 - May 16 :
MQS - Cedar Rapids, IA
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Aug 22 - Aug 29 :
Quilting across the Seas Cruise

Sep 24 - Sep 27 :
MQX - Springfield, IL
"Laser" Tables are Back!
Adjustable to fit all machines. Also includes a film
sheet for doing tracing with a dry erase marker.
Allows you to work with small pantos or designs
from the front of the machine.
Many styles available. These stencils can be used by both
long-armers and hand quilters. Made from durable mylar, which is
resistant to bending and tearing. 11x15" Available in multiple sizes.

Need a different size or style not shown or just want something
custom? Let us know at

Visit the shop to see the selection.
New YouTube Channel!
We have a new channel on YouTube!
Look for new videos on products and also instructional videos.
Quilting Cruise is coming...
Aug 22-29 2015

3 days of quilting and several Caribbean destinations, last year was a blast.
Projects are DeLoa's Rose Log Cabin and Deb Karasik's Tequila Sunrise;
sewing machines are provided for use.

For more information visit:
Quilting Across The Seas Cruise
Stencils are here!
Snowflake Ornaments
My son David has made 4 different types of snow ornaments. Each are laser cut and flame bathed to give a glass
like appearance, they look spectacular with lights. Let him know if you have any questions...
Wide Clamps
Wide Clamps
Grip Tape
Grip tape is used for helping to hug the tool to the cloth. Do
not use on Appliguide or Appliruler where you want the tool
to slide. This tape is made out of vinyl and will not damage
your quilt. Available in 1" and 3" widths.
*** Updated 16 DEC 2014 ***