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Camp Mowana 2016
Mansfield, OH
Details coming soon!
"Laser" Tables are Back!
Adjustable to fit all machines. Also includes a film
sheet for doing tracing with a dry erase marker.
Allows you to work with small pantos or designs
from the front of the machine.
Many styles available. These stencils can be used by both
long-armers and hand quilters. Made from durable mylar, which is
resistant to bending and tearing. 11x15" Available in multiple sizes.

Need a different size or style not shown or just want something
custom? Let us know at

Visit the shop to see the selection.
New YouTube Channel!
We have a new channel on YouTube!
Look for new videos on products and also instructional videos.
Stencils are here!
Snowflake Ornaments
My son David has made 4 different types of snow ornaments. Each are laser cut and flame bathed to give a glass
like appearance, they look spectacular with lights. Let him know if you have any questions...
Wide Clamps
Wide Clamps
Grip Tape
Grip tape is used for helping to hug the tool to the cloth. Do
not use on Appliguide or Appliruler where you want the tool
to slide. This tape is made out of vinyl and will not damage
your quilt. Available in 1" and 3" widths.
*** Updated 16 DEC 2014 ***
"The lights I bought last year are probably
the best purchase I've made, next to my
long-arm machine"  
 ~ Wendy Wells
I offer free shipping and installation for
group orders, the system will fit any
long-arm machine system
, and lighting
systems are really easy to install. All lights
and accessories are custom made to fit your
new or old! Click to see more.

Contact Dave by Email or phone. You may
also use the form to the right.
Email: Davedeloa@gmail.com
Phone: 269.767.2799
Dee-Lite - $495 + shipping ($50-$70)
Can't see? Light it up!
After many requests, we have a star tool! Easy to use, stitch
2 parts of the star and then turn the tool, line up the stitches
and repeat. Designed to allow you to hold the tool with one
hand at all times. No crossing hands.
Roller Clips
Roller clips for keeping the canvas tidy or to clip a project on
quickly. 6 in a pack.
Angle Angel
Tool is basically designed to do angles. Stitch a line then line
the guide lines up and stitch any angle up to 120 degrees.
(Let me know if you need more...) Use it to make shapes,
multi-pointed stars, radiating lines, random lines, border
designs, and much more. We will have some pictures and
videos up shortly. (My Mom is still finding new uses and
wants to wait a bit before doing a video.)
"The Donna"
Used for doing straights and curves this slotted version of the
Appliruler is a handy little tool. The tool is available for either
hand. The hand will be the one you plan on holding the ruler
in. The left hand version is featured in the picture.
Rope-A-Dope + Corner Tool & Echo
After several revisions we came up with new Rope tool. The
Rope-a-Dope is in 4 different sizes, 1½”, 2", 2½”, and 3". It is
a tool to make the rope designs in borders. There is no
overshooting your foot placements with built in stops. The
corner tool has been added to the rope for convenience. In
addition an extra set of bumps on the corner side can be
used to add a 1/4" echo to you ropes.

New video will be up shortly to show how all the new features
work. The current video will explain the tool for the most part.
Wave Tools
You may have seen our new wave tool at recent conventions,
we made some tweaks to the larger sizes to give the larger
tools more waviness. The 2 x ¼ & ½ inch tool is
demonstrated on our YouTube channel, and rest will be on
Triangle Trimmer 1" - 5" Finished
First of our cutting tools, This tool makes cutting triangles
easy! Makes 1" to 5" finished blocks.
  • 18" x 24" (Please let us know how you want the
    Dee-spaly oriented.)
  • Holds 15 - 20 Guides
  • Mounting kit and Hardware included.
  • Custom shapes and sizes available.
  • Painted any color or stained.
  • Table top version available with Lazy Susan ,
    only for an additional $6.
  • Organizing bins are an extra $20
  • We can even apply a picture over the surface
    for free.
  • Just let us know what you would like to have
    made and we can work it out with you.
Dee-splay 18" - $48.99
+ (shipping ($10)
Get Organized with the Dee-splay
Email: Davedeloa@gmail.com
Phone: 269.767.2799
Contact Dave via Email or by phone. You may also
use the form below.
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