2017 Schedule
Free Priority Shipping in the USA
on all orders above $100.*
*Occasionally Laser tables have to be sent with
Parcel Select service due to distance.
"Laser" Table
Adjustable to fit all machines. Also includes a film
sheet for doing tracing with a dry erase marker.
Allows you to work with small pantos or designs
from the front of the machine.
Angle Angel
Tool is basically designed to do angles. Stitch a line then line
the guide lines up and stitch any angle up to 120 degrees.
(Let me know if you need more...) Use it to make shapes,
multi-pointed stars, radiating lines, random lines, border
designs, and much more. We will have some pictures and
videos up shortly. (My Mom is still finding new uses and
wants to wait a bit before doing a video.)
Jessica's Edge
My daughter Jessica has designed this ruler. It can be
ordered here or in our shop.

Jessica's "go-to" straight edge ruler. Each ruler comes with
ruler markings that work for left and right handed quilters and
have a beveled appliqué notch carved into the ends.

8" rulers are $15 and 12" rulers are $20.
Dee-Lites are back for the Holidays
Can't see? Light it up!

This pair LED lights are adaptable to any kind of machine. Light also
include a on / off remote for convenience. These lights are only available
until Christmas for $445 shipping included. Offer only valid for the
continental USA. Please include a phone number in notes to seller when
checking out.