We have had several requests for the Rose Log Cabin pattern to be
available in PDF format. The pattern may be purchased from our shop.
Additionally if you bought the book
Scraps Organized to Perfection you
may need the sizing instructions for the pattern. This may be found on
the resources page.
"Laser" Tables are Back!
Adjustable to fit all machines. Also includes a film
sheet for doing tracing with a dry erase marker.
Allows you to work with small pantos or designs
from the front of the machine.
Stencils are here! Many styles available.

These stencils can be used by both long-armers and hand
quilters. Made from durable mylar, which is resistant to bending
and tearing. 11x15" Available in multiple sizes.

Need a different size or style not shown or just want something
custom? Let us know at

Visit the shop to see the selection.