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Hey i've got a blog!  David has been working on the new website. Check it out. 


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  • Do you possibly sell any DUNCE HATS??? I need to order a size medium for myself!!!!

    Yes, you are so right…… the 2" Super Star ruler works great ON THE MACHINE. lol
    (Doesn’t work worth a darn with pencil & paper…..just like you said.)
    Thank you for getting me straightened out on it. I’ll even be ordering the other size stars now

    Carol on

  • I just saw in you FAQ that you no longer sell your Super Star Rulers. I have your 2" Super Star Ruler and have watched your YouTube video numerous times where you used the 4" ruler; however, the 2" ruler does not seem to work the same way. Do you have any instructions for using the 2" Super Star Ruler? If not, can you please give me the name of the other manufacturer that you mentioned in your FAQ? Thanks for your help on this.

    Carol on

  • I hope to find more here soon :)

    Rosemary on

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