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This is our applique tool. The beveled edges allow it to glide over other applique, seams, or embellishments in the area. Just fit the Appliguide snugging around the foot of your machine, place one hand on the guide and use the machine with your other hand a go.

The option for a flamed edge gives you an extra smooth bevel which gives an over-all better feel, and is particularly good for fine fabrics such as silk. 

Classic size is used for most APQS & Gammill Machines it is for a foot that is slightly over 1/2" in diameter.

Petite is used for all machines other than APQS & Gammill and is for a foot that measure 1/2" in diameter.

Dual size includes both Classic and Petite notches. This is good if you have 2 different types of machines or are not quite sure which foot works best for you.

7/16" - Used with Tin Lizzie 18LS & Pfaff P3 Quilter

Updated video coming soon.