Scissors: EZ-Snip

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EZ Stitch Snips with Micro Serrated Blade 
(Stitch Snips – one serrated blade, use right or left handed) 

Lightweight, Ergonomic spring action snips. 

We all make mistakes and when we do reach for Famore EZ Stitch Snips.
Our snips allow you to get under those tiny stitches for easy removal. 
A perfect companion for all quilters.

Spring action allows both left handed and right handed people to use, and perfect for people with ailments that prevent them from using normal thread scissors.

  • Eliminate those accidental snips of the fabric  
  • Use for snipping stitches or cutting tail end off threads and knots for needlework, embroidery, quilting and sewing
  • Curved tips make this a perfect snip for trimming access thread and jump stitches.
  • Fine tips allow you to get under tight stitches.
  • Micro-serration on one blade allows for precise cutting.
  • Famore snips can be re-sharpened since we use a high quality German stainless steel.
  • Greatly used for sniping – small paper, fabrics, thread, and light applique projects

Bonus Attributes: Ergonomic hand-crafted design, Superior metals, Razor sharp blades, Ambidextrous: left & right handed use..